There’s a largely common misconception about investing in your own equipment, and whether that equipment is sufficient enough to manage all of your recording or mixing needs. Many say to go the simple way – buy yourself some cheaper quality or pre-owned electronics, looking out for your finances while operating on your own needs. However this may seem to be the right path, one needs to also consider other obstacles they may face while dealing with this self-purchased equipment. First, consider if the equipment malfunctions or completely breaks. If this happens, you can easily be a couple hundred, even thousand in the hole due to expired or non-guaranteed warranties. Getting the equipment worked on by an engineer can cost even more than the piece itself, and along with the pocket-breaking, your also now limiting your time working on your craft. The great thing about working with a professional studio is that they hold top-of-the-line audio equipment, with the engineers and warranties to back them up if anything did ever happen. Besides the reliability, this studio has the best of the best equipment, technology that surpasses each other with each and every new model, making sure to get the best results for you, and all of your mixing, recording, and mastering needs. You can weigh your options and choose what is right for you, just make sure you don’t settle for low-standards or risky choices! Work with the industry’s best! Also be aware that having great equipment does not guarantee you great results!!!! A piece of gear is only as good as the man operating it. You could be a carpenter and have a thousand dollar, gold plated hammer, that can knock a nail down in one hit, but if you don’t have the steady hand and aim to hit the nail, its useless. Make sense?

~Brian Paul Thalhammer