Joseph "Dante" Delfino is an experienced audio engineer, music producer, and an accredited educational mentor that graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in '07. As the founder of Miller Street Studios, he takes pride in running his business with the utmost level of professionalism as the General Manager/Chief Engineer. Joe started with the property and a blank canvas, and by 2008 he earned the opportunity to develop his newly founded company from the ground up. This was the break of a lifetime considering the long road of hardships he endured. Since then, he has linked up and worked with the likes of Lecrae, Wu-Tang Clan, Twista, Tedashii, Trip Lee, Plumb, Vic Mensa, Christon Gray, Chris Webbyy, Waka Flocka, MER, Gemstones, Mike Petro, Kareem Manuel, Dave Pracyse, Dave Coresh, Shawnna, Ace Hood, Palmer Squares, King L, L.E.P, Thi'sl and more.

Joe has legitimate experience in recording, mixing, and producing music over the course of +10 years. As an official partner of the Recording Connection Audio Institute, Joe teaches a nationally accredited audio engineering and music production curriculum that is offered to aspiring students looking to delve into this profession. He deserves a great deal of credit for turning Miller Street Studios into the "go to" spot for indie artists in Chicago. One thing he stresses is knowing your role in the studio atmosphere. Dante's etiquette and approach are what set him apart from other engineers in the industry. He partnered with John Bassmaji in 2010 to launch the career of a local electronic musician/recording artist named Mike Petro. Joe is a one of a kind professional that is more focused on changing peoples lives' through music rather than strictly pursuing music for financial rewards.


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Mike Petro is our resident producer, songwriter, and recording artist that will be teaching music production courses this summer at Miller Street Studios in conjunction with the Recording Connection Audio Institute.

Mike Petro is an American electronic musician who not only creates music, but an experience. He mixes old school artistry with futuristic style as a performing vocalist, live producer and songwriter. The blueprint to his genre-mashing sound was inspired by a blend of Chicago house music, 90’s hip hop and classic rock to name a few. Mike breaks ground as a live showman, established rapper and versed songwriter. Blending these talents, he creates music that spans across the spectrum of age, oddly unique, without sacrificing his undeniable pop-ability. Kid4evr is an all original electronic pop story by Mike Petro that highlights the forever pursuit of love and chasing your childhood dreams.


Social: @itsMikePetro


Robert "Sno" Clark is our resident audio engineer that graduated in 2013 from our Audio School in conjunction with The Recording Connection Audio Institute. An apprentice of our Chief Engineer, Sno has found himself taking full advantage of his opportunity with Miller Street Studios. Getting the best out of his clients and ensuring absolute comfort in the recording process are a culmination of his 6+ years experience.


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John Bassmaji majored in Arts Management in the concentration of the music business at Columbia College Chicago. He is currently the Brand Manager of Miller Street Studios for G.M./Chief Engineer Joseph "Dante" Delfino. John works on the branding of the studio's services, markets the nationally accredited audio production program to prospective students, and assists in the overall operations of the facility. As a qualified higher education representative, he also directs the studio's collegiate interns and teaches music industry sessions that give aspiring professionals an in-depth understanding of publishing and marketing of the arts.

John is experienced in arts management and executive producing projects that integrate multiple entities in efforts of gaining investment capital. He began his collegiate studies in the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago under the mentoring of James J. Gillespie (Ph.D., J.D.). His experience in the music industry began as he discovered and invested into the intellectual properties of a locally touted artist known as Mike Petro (formerly meLLo). From there, he took on his passion of expanding on a business venture by educating himself at Columbia College Chicago under the guidance of industry professionals such as Ajay Gosain, Kimo Williams, and Justin Sinkovich to name the least. John currently specializes in arts management/marketing, the recording industry, and executive producing projects.


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Social: @johnbassmaji


Peoria Star is an incredible versatile hip-hop artist and sought after producer, who is well known for his outrageous and unpredictable creative process as he, is for his broad musical palette, which is sure to catapult him into stardom.

Peoria Star, was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, IL, where he later enrolled at the International Academy of Design and Technology, receiving a degree in Visual Communications/Production and Design. Thereafter, Peoria Star realized that his love lie infinitely in music, dedicating every facet of his life learning and studying music. Peoria Star has since produced music for a number of local acts.

Yet to release an album, in 2013 Peoria Star was nominated by the Chicago Independent Music Awards, in the category of “Best Hip-Hop Artist of the Year. Peoria Star has reached number 1 locally, on