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RECORDING - $60/Hour

Recording is the foundation of a song. It is the process of getting the music from your head onto the computer. Our state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience will give you high-quality files for mixing and mastering. Contact us for bulk/project discount rates.

MIXING - $60/Hour

Mixing takes place after the recording is done. This is when we take every element of the song, and then EQ, Compress, add effects, etc. to get the track ready for mastering.

A lot of people ask how long it takes us to mix a song, and there are lots of variables. The track count is the main one, also the quality of the recording. If you have a bad recording, it will be more difficult and will take more time to make a bad recording sound "better." Mixing cannot fix a bad recording. The recording is the foundation. So we want to start with a good foundation, then we can enhance it all. Contact us for bulk/project discount rates.

MASTERING - $50/Song or $200/5 Songs

Mastering is the final step to a perfect song. This is where levels and clarity shine through to make your iTunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify ready. Contact us for bulk/project discount rates.


8 Hour Block - $450

Analog Mastering (Per Track) - $50

Rehearsal Space Per Hour - $50

Studio Rental Per Hour (Photoshoots/Video) - $50


1. Bring your instrumental/beat/track outs preferably on USB or email to yourself

2. Be sure to budget for time at the end of your session to bounce tracks out

3. If you need clean edits, show versions, etc, be sure to request them during your session

4. No refunds on final products


$50 Minimum Deposit for all recording sessions

50% Deposit on sessions of 4 or more hours

-Deposit will count towards final payment
-Only cash, credit, debit, and Paypal are accepted for payment (5% service fee may apply)
-Non-refundable within 48 hours advance notice of cancellation
-Due to our high demand, your scheduled session will start and end at the time you have booked regardless if you show up late.
-If you do not call and let us know that you will arrive late, after 30 minutes, it will be assumed as a "no show," and the deposit is non-refundable.


The Miller Street Studio's Affiliate Program is a great way to build your business. We offer special advantages to our affiliate and highly recommend your services to all of our clients.

Benefits include:

-10% off of all Miller Street services
-Brand/collateral materials will be displayed in the studio
-Banner ad space on the homepage of Miller Street Studios website
-Link on the Affiliates page optimized with your "targeted keyword"
-Listing in the Chicago Hip Hop Connects: Chicago Industry Directory
-Featured post on Miller Street Studios Blog
-Have your services recommended to all of our clients.

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The Recording Connection is a fully accredited school that places students in professional studios to earn a certificate in audio engineering and music production. Joseph "Dante" Delfino (Conservatory of Recording Arts '07) has been teaching aspiring engineers as part of the program here at Miller Street Studios for over three years. John Bassmaji (Columbia College Chicago '11), an accredited educational advisor and arts management professional, has been playing an integral role by marketing the program to prospective students in the Chicago-land area.

There's no other audio engineering school on the planet that can promise the following:

-Learn in a real recording studio

-Learn from a structured course curriculum

-Learn privately with no other students

-Sit in on real recording sessions

-Learn from an Audio Engineer who has been a working pro for +10 years

-Certificate recognized by the U.S. Board of Accredited Schools (USBAS).

For more information on this program and to setup an interview, call (800) 285-0630 specifically mentioning Miller Street Studios.