Imagine an 80s dance pop track with legitimate rap verses and a message… that’s this song! “No Regret” has been dubbed as #kid4evr part 2 in the sense of the similar chords / tempo / production / mood / message – but it can easily hold its own as a single!! Its got a darker tone musically but lyrically the content is all about NEVER giving up and ALWAYS chasing your dreams. Help me if you like it and share, otherwise it goes to waste!
[Verse 1]
“We all got dreams / Way deep inside / Right in front of where your love comes from but…. / Right behind where your pain resides / It’s up to you to find / Ain’t nobody gunna take u there / Ain’t nobody gunna hold ya hand / Nobody cares if you scared / Hope u came prepared” (Mike Petro)
“You could hide / You could stay in disguise / Play it safe / All your life (ohh) / But that isn’t living / All the good / N the bad / I would ra-ther forget / What I did / Than – regret what I didn’t” (vocal performance by Liala, written by Mike Petro)

 Written/Produced/Performed by Mike Petro featuring chorus vocals by Liala
Executive Produced by John Bassmaji
Recorded/Mixed by Joe “Dante” Delfino @ Miller Street Studios
Mastered by Chris Faur
Photography by Lpdeezign
Video by Scott Oldis Studios
Graphics by Frees Tyler