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“Topless” Remix Ft Nas, meLLo

We are all set to receive a musical gift from Dr. Dre as soon as Detox officially drops!  This track here was recently leaked with a recorded version of Eminem actually rapping out the verse that he wrote with the intentions of having Dre perform it?!  Those familiar with Em’s usual approach immediately thought something sounded weird as the verse was meant for Dre.  Call the leak a low blow to the Doctor but it spawned a great opportunity for a Chicago indie hip hop artist like Mike Petro.  This Midwest emcee/producer known as meLLo immediately got on the grind and tweaked the leaked version of “Topless” to include a fresh 16-bar verse of his own.  The legendary Nas is set to be featured on the original version of the song.  However, this remix displays an unprecedented blend of West Coast production with East meets Midwest flow patterns!  Chicago artists often get overlooked in the rap scene, but meLLo is making noise as he strives to be embraced by the hip hop community.  He spits in “Topless”:

“It’s the way the game is written, I can’t complain I’m in it, I spit it straight but these critics hate that I ain’t a gimmick”

Indie fans will soon discover a new talent to rep the Windy City in proper fashion as meLLo sets out to splash the industry with his viscous wordplay and musical production.  Armed with a pen and a pad, meLLo is set to drop his official debut release titled Who The F**k Is Mike Petro: A Million Man Mindstate on May 15.  The tracks on this tape will take you on a joy ride through the wild, yet conscious thoughts of Mike Petro.  The featured artists include Chicago notables Liffy Stokes, Skooda Chose, Dawreck, Patman, Comatose In2 Addiction, Esohel, and more!  The record will be released exclusively from Miller Street Studios with the engineering of Dante D’Vino.  Aside from a couple of hot industry remixes, the tape is mainly loaded with original production from meLLo, Dante, Los Angeles’ RNS, and Cleveland’s Killa Beatz.  Share his music and follow him @meLLoMikePetro or to receive updates and exclusive music!