In this day and age, most music we listen to is in mp3 format.  On iPod’s, computers, in cars, etc.  But what most recording artists don’t know is what exactly is an mp3 compared to a wav?  Sure, its a smaller, more accessible and transferable media format that makes it easy to share beats, or songs.  So chances are, the end product of a recording is almost always going to end up as an mp3, but what about when we start recording?  You see, an mp3 is a lossy compressed file of an original (usually wav) file.  If you don’t know what lossy compression is, click on the highlighted text for a definition.  When you are going in the studio to record, and you are recording with an mp3, that mp3 has up to 90% of the original audio missing from the conversion process, and it is not coming back!!!!!  Which leads us to understanding, that you need to start with Wav quality tracks!!!! In the video, it gives you an idea of what is being taken out of a instrumental when it is converted from a Wav to an mp3, and you can hear it!!  I could go on about this topic for a while, but the point is, when you are getting tracks from producers, you want to ask for the .Wav version, not the mp3.