Early-Bird Bookings

Something to keep in mind when taking the steps to working with a professional studio is organizing your time when booking. It can be extremely difficult, and most of the time unable, to book a last-minute session with a studio or engineer. By not having adequate time established, it makes both you as well as the engineer unprepared for the session, which creates tracks that are otherwise less-quality than they could be if a specific, organized time was set. Good engineers go into the studio prepared for their clients, putting in the man-hours and getting a feel for their client’s styles that prove to be excellent when the time comes for recording, creating, and mastering. By booking sessions beforehand, you give the engineers that precious time to prepare, and it gives you, the artist, time to reflect and tweak your vision to it’s utmost perfection. Working with a professional studio means professional work time, so it is quite uncommon for one to be able to book a last minute session. We at Miller Street WANT you to succeed, and knowing that unprepared sessions bring faulty outcomes, we urge your creative minds to do the best you can do for yourself. Book sessions ahead of time, so when that time comes it can flow and benefit everyone to its highest potential!



~Brian Paul Thalhammer