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“meLLo” Mike Petro is making a statement tonight on 88.5FM at 10pm!  We’ve all been wondering when and what, and he’s decided to splash us with news about his 1st official mixtape release.  Last month he leaked out his remix of Eminem’s “Renegade” and shocked the hip hop community with his lyrical wordplay.  Tonight, meLLo will be joined by his producer/engineer Dante D’Vino and manager John B. Bassmaji to announce this breaking news.  What’s it called and when’s it dropping?  Stay tuned tonight and get a dose of this upcoming release as meLLo plans on leaking two songs uncensored over the airwaves!

Listen & download meLLo’s leaked remix of Eminem’s “Renegade” here.  For more info on meLLo please contact John B. at 847.845.9506 or

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