John Bassmaji majored in Arts Management in the concentration of the music business at Columbia College Chicago. He is currently the Brand Manager of Miller Street Studios for G.M./Chief Engineer Joseph “Dante” Delfino. John works on the branding of the studio’s services as well as the marketing of the nationally accredited audio engineering program to prospective students. As a qualified higher education representative, he also directs the studio’s collegiate interns and teaches music industry sessions that give aspiring professionals an in-depth understanding of publishing and marketing of the arts.

John is experienced in arts management and executive producing projects that integrate multiple entities in efforts of gaining investment capital. He began his collegiate studies in the College of Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago under the mentoring of James J. Gillespie (Ph.D., J.D.). His experience in the music industry began as he discovered and invested into the intellectual properties of a locally touted artist known as Mike Petro (formerly meLLo). From there, he took on his passion of expanding on a business venture by educating himself at Columbia College Chicago under the guidance of industry professionals such as Ajay Gosain, Kimo Williams, and Justin Sinkovich to name the least. John currently specializes in arts management/marketing, the recording industry, and executive producing projects.