Acoustic Panels 3

$60/each  $150 msrp 

Please inquire at (773) 789-9553 or


We are currently selling brand new custom made 2ft. x 4ft. acoustic absorber panels spanning 2″ thick (24″ x 48″ x 2″).
These are high density, fabric-wrapped, professional-level acoustical absorption panels for recording studios, home theaters, media rooms, and other sound-deadening applications.
We offer affordable, top-performing, custom-engineered panels made from top-quality materials for high-end applications, providing absorption down to 125 Hz.

Eco Core Chart

The panels are composed of ECO-CORE insulation, providing up to 50% more absorption than fiberglass, mineral wool, or foam insulation.

Please inquire at (773) 789-9553 or

*Wall clips included.

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